What is EMS-Training?

Muscle stimulation with electric impulses

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) triggers muscle contractions (muscle shortening) using electric pulses.

Today, EMS training constitutes one of the most effective training methods.

The areas of application meanwhile are manifold, extending from tightening and muscle building to medical rehabilitation therapies.

The time saving and joint-gentle muscle training, combined with fat reduction has become more and more popular in recent years among stressed out managers, family individuals, couch potatoes as well as professional athletes. With international professional sports, EMS training has been established for a long time.

The electrodes built in the suits trigger pulses which prompt the muscles contract. Simultaneous stimulation of a number of muscle groups within the entire body during a training unit of only 20 to 25 minutes will be enough to achieve max efficiency and a quickly visible success within only a few weeks.

Depending on the heart frequency the effect on the body varies (low: metabolism training; high: muscle building; very high: massage).

EMS training should be performed, especially by beginners, only in the company of a trainer. Many fitness clubs and personal trainers now offer classes with EMS tools.

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