Technical Question? Concerns? Solution

The i-motion team has made it its philosophy to be here for you with full commitment. So that, in the event, you do not have to communicate with anonymous hotlines or nameless mailboxes, there will be an individual contact partner for you who will personally take care of your concerns. For us, this is what good service means. With any questions, problems or in case of a complaint we will promptly deal with your matter.

Be quick when it is needed.

Sometimes things have to go fast. In case something might not work, speed is of importance. Therefore our logistics team will be prepared. There will be replacement as fast as possible so that your training can continue.

Surely, the i-motion tool, too, has wear parts - and they are frequently in use. But for this we also have a solution: all replacement parts are inexpensively and quickly replaceable, from the electrode to the battery. This keeps maintenance costs low. And if there happens to be a "lemon" (even our suppliers produce one once in a while), we will naturally replace it right away. Simply and quickly.

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