Studio device or personal tablet

Customized for any user

The studio tool is ideal for group classes in the studio. You will keep track of everything within 23".

With the personal table you are right there with your customer. 20 preset and 6 individually pogrammable pulses offer you all possibilities for the most efficient training. Using it for beauty pulses for the improvement of the skin tone, with physiotherapy, in the sports studio, for personal training or on the soccer (football) field - there is no topping this.

Device software of the latest generation

Highest quality - maximum efficiency!

With 20 preset sports and beauty training programs as well as 6 freely programmable workouts you will enjoy maxikum freedom in setting up your individual training plan.

The frequency can be freely set from 2 Hz to 200 Hz, the pulse width from 50µS to 450µS.

Whether in a micro/fitness studio, doing yoga and pilates, as a personal trainer, with phsyical therapy or in a beauty clinic - you will always find the right pulse with us!

The EMS device of the next generation

Group training with the ElectroFitness Class!

ElectroFitness is the athletic and societal phenomenon which has revolutionized health care and body workouts.

Now, i-motion revolutionizes the world of electric muscle stimulation with its i-motion EMS system!

i-motion offers the unique possibility to train within a group of up to 10 individuals and yet within freely individual parameters.

Thus you will offer your EMS class the possibility to each train on their own level.

No limits! Maximum fun, efficiency, innovation and unlimited free movement.