Nikolai Pourraki - 5 times Karate World Champion

The i-motion EMS-Suit

One Suit fits all!

Your customer does not fit in an off-the-peg suit?

With our suits you can combine any vest with any pants within a few seconds! A new belt technique makes it possible. So, for instance, it is possible to combine an XS vest with XL pants without a problem.

Create your own workout!

With its new materials our suit fits your body like a second skin. This ensures that the electrodes are exactly on the right spots.

Each of the 18 electrodes in the suit are adjustable to the individual wearer.

Soft and flexible electrodes

Incredibly pleasant pulse sensation

You feel the pure power of the pulse but no "nerve pain".

Through the soft i-motion electrodes make the pulses on the muscles feel "areal" rather than "punctual".

In contrary to dry electrodes, with our suits there is no danger of burns or the typical "pinprick" sensation.

Our EMS training suits are handmade of the highest quality materials like compression neoprene. So our suits are as elastic as a second skin! And yet, they remain very robust, they are antibacterial and odor-free.

5 years warranty on electrodes!

Our electrodes are not only coated but made of solid specific rubber/carbon material.

That is why we grant you 5 year warranty on the performance of our medical high efficiency electrodes.