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The perfect device for EMS studios

EMS training with up to 10 individuals

1 trainer + 1 i-motion tool = up to 10 training individuals. Low staffing allows you to work economically successful. Each of the training persons receives their individual program.

Physiotheray in the 21st century

Pain relief and supportive therapy

You are a passionate physiotherapist who wants to accompany the patients all the way to their recovery - this is possible with the

i-motion EMS tool. In addition to rehabilitation and the visit of a studio, you can train your patients directly in-house: in your practice or in their homes.

Personal Training

Mobile and flexible application

You are a personal EMS trainer, always on tour, seeing one customer after the other - your i-motion personal tablet is always with you!

Your entire equipment fits in a small sports bag so nothing stands in the way of your outdoor training or your EMS training with your customer.

The bluethooth technology of the i-motion EMS tool allows a wireless training within a range of up to 100m. With the i-motion tablet, also jogging might be on your training agenda - with EMS.

For ambitioned private users

Perfectly trained

EMS training is especially interesting for the very busy among us, such as managers, bankers, executives, CEOs, business consultants and other successful business people as well as all others who want to invest in their bodies inspite of their lack of time.